LED Modular Flood Light

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LED Modular Series

Features & Benefits

 Rapid fit optics, customise the light beam to deliver the perfect performance.

  • Plug and play
  • Unique waterproofing concept – instant IP65 rating for the light engines
  • >130lm/W designed to meet and exceed industry performance standards
  • Protective UV stabilized powder coated finish
  • Compatible with multiple dimming protocols including 0-10V and DALI
  • Optical built-in emergency


 Designed for low or high ceiling, open spaces the Modular Series is ideal for;

  • Building facades
  • Area lighting
  • Signage & Billboards
  • Depots
  • Heavy industrial and wet locations


 Discrete multi-channels create a flow through cooling affect that allows air to circulate around the light engine core, maintaining a low LED junction temperature and optimal performance.


 A variety of click in, easy fit optics, customise the light beam to deliver the perfect performance.


 130 lm/W Designed to meet and exceed industry performance standards.


 Removing the need for external cabling by invisibly connecting the light engines and power supply for fast, simplified electrical connection.


 Zinc galvanised and power coated for durable weather resistance in tough environments.


 Unique silicone based waterproof technology enables instant IP65 rating for the light engines.

Your Challenges

Industrial and area lighting require a large variety of light beam patterns to best illuminate the many diverse applications and environments. Quick delivery is often crucial in winning lighting projects but attempting to stock such a wide range of industrial luminaires has virtually been impossible to do so without a large upfront investment. Until now companies and their clients have had to suffer long delays in delivery or make rush shipments in order to meet project deadlines, severely cutting in to their bottom line.

How we solve them

The Brand new OEM Modular LED System (MFL) is a fusion of exciting new technologies that will give our partners the flexibility to customise optics and build a variety of luminaires on demand. They are simple to assemble, scalable system provides key advantages in fast project customisation, performance and delivery, helping your business grow and succeed in the Industrial lighting market.

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